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Automatic winding machine

1、 Purpose:

Automatic winding machine is used for winding high-voltage coil, especially for winding amorphous alloy transformer coil and variable-frequency transformer high-voltage coil. It is a special equipment for manufacturing amorphous alloy transformer and variable-frequency transformer, and can also be used for winding high-voltage coil of distribution transformer.

2、 Equipment composition:

1. Paper wrapping uncoiler

2. Enameled wire uncoiler

3. Cable arrangement device

4. Insulation feeding mechanism

5. Winding mechanism

3、 Functional features

1. The equipment can complete the winding of rectangular, circular and oblong coils.

2. It has the characteristics of pay off, stepless speed regulation, automatic wire arrangement with width adjustment and stable starting of pay off.

3. The independent winding system can be applied to round wire and flat wire respectively, and the winding speed can be synchronized with the winding machine, or it can be adjusted separately (due to the change of wire diameter). During the adjustment, the winding machine can work at the same time (it is not necessary to stop the winding machine).

4. The forward and reverse rotation of the spindle can be realized through the foot switch and the control box respectively. The number of winding coils can be displayed by touch, with the function of positive and negative memory and power-off memory.

5. The frequency converter, PLC and touch screen used in the winding machine are imported high-end products, and other spare parts are manufactured by regular manufacturers, which meet the national standards and the product quality is reliable.

6. Each operating handle and hand wheel of winding machine can operate flexibly without blocking and blocking.

7. The whole machine has stable transmission, neat wiring, high precision and low noise.