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High voltage automatic winding

1、 Overview

Zrxj-600 / 8001100 series automatic winding machine is suitable for winding all kinds of small and medium-sized distribution transformers, mutual inductors, reactor coils and similar processes, especially suitable for winding high-voltage coils of non alloy transformers. The machine is based on the requirements of foreign-funded enterprises such as abb, Siemens and so on, in order to meet the requirements of optimal insulation design and manufacturing, It is the best choice to improve the production efficiency and reduce the material cost by referring to the domestic most advanced winding equipment independently designed by BR company and Toboy company.

It is composed of winding host, automatic winding device, layer insulation automatic trapezoidal insulation device, round wire and flat wire tension adjustable pay off frame, pneumatic system, PLC control and servo motor system and touch screen human-machine interface. It has the characteristics of high automation, complete functions and strong power, which guarantees the axial tightness and amplitude compactness of coil winding, especially suitable for rectangular coil winding.

2、 Main functions and features of the equipment:

1. This machine adopts gear mechanical speed change system, with high efficiency and low noise.

2. The spindle has brake function, sensitive and reliable.

3. The frequency conversion speed regulation is adopted in the electrical system, and the braking is controlled by the frequency converter. Therefore, the starting and braking slopes can be preset to make them suitable for the best winding condition.

4. Wide range of frequency control, accurate and stable speed regulation. The insulation grade of the motor is class F.

5. It has the function of automatic wiring and trapezoidal insulation between layers.

6. Servo motor and PLC control system, high-definition touch-screen display and man-machine dialogue are adopted. Imported ball screw drive and linear guide rail are used to meet the requirements of accurate wire arrangement.

7. The most effective way to save material is to set special circuit to synchronize automatic winding and winding, and to increase insulation thickness automatically according to the change of voltage gradient between layers, so as to achieve the best matching between voltage difference and insulation thickness. It is the most effective way to save materials, generally 3%.

8. The winding device is equipped with tension function, and the tension can be adjusted to meet the requirements of different wire gauges. In addition, a pneumatic pressing device is provided to meet the needs of the workpiece.

9. Before winding, the pitch can be easily set according to different wire gauges. In the process of winding, the possible error can be adjusted manually to ensure that the coil is tight.

10. Desktop control box is placed on the top of the chassis, easy to use, clear and clear display.

11. Equipped with a square shaft (40 × 40 × LMM or customized).

12. Connection mode of flower plate and square shaft: fixed or detachable.

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