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Vol. 2 - Conducting a Cross Connection Survey of Public Water Systems & Private Facilities

The Cross Connection Survey Guide complements Vol. 1 and expands in sequential detail the procedures necessary to conduct a successful survey of a Public Water System & Customers Facilities. The Survey starts at the Public Water System Source, well, river, lake, etc., through usage at the Customers Facilities. Both External and Internal Survey Protocols are addressed. The blank forms provide you a prepared format to conduct a survey of your community water system and the customer's internal water system (when required). The survey results are readily transferable to historical record files of the water purveyor or program administrator.

  • Why is this manual unique? This manual considers the backflow and cross connection potential of the entire public water systems as well as the customers internal water system. The user of the manual is provided a colorful centerfold block flow chart for ease of reference to codes/regulations applicable to the public water system starting at its source to final usage by the customer. The chart identifies the recommended type of backflow prevention assembly meter protection for industries & equipment, organizations, institutions and residential as required by Nevada Administrative Codes and the IAPMO Uniform Plumbing Code. A centerfold containing blank entry spaces is also provided as a working document for your community/system.
  • Who can/should use this manual? Survey Specialists employed by Public Water Systems or Private Survey Specialists licensed to conduct cross-connection surveys; plumbing contractors who desire to expand their business to include internal surveys; industry plant management who wish to maintain a working, on going, record of backflow prevention assemblies and plumbing changes to control cross connection potential.
  • Content of the manual: The Manual is divided into 5 Sections taking the reader through a step-by-step sequence of activities to establish and conduct a successful survey of public and private water systems. Example forms and instructions are included in each section.
    • Section 1 Preparing an Agenda to Conduct a Cross Connection Survey.
    • Section 2 Our Centerfold - A ready reference block diagram & single line drawing of cross connection survey requirements.
    • Section 3 Pre-requisites to conducting an External (containment) cross connection survey of a public water system system.
    • Section 4 Three phases to preparing and conducting a cross connection survey.
    • Section 5 Appendices
      • Sample of Nevada adopted standards & publications for CCC/BFP
      • Sample of Nevada administrative codes referenced in centerfold
      • Sample of IAPMO UPC references in centerfold.
      • Sample USC list of approved backflow prevention assemblies.
      • Example drawing of a Public Water System
      • Example street map
      • Example Jurisdictional boundaries & service area map

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