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Vol. 1 - Program Administration for Cross Connection & Backflow Prevention

Our Program Administration Manual takes you through a step-by-step sequence of events to implement and administer a successful cross connection & backflow prevention program. Flow Charts are provided for ease of understanding the shared responsibility of the Water Department, Building Official and Health Agency in their cooperative effort to protect the public from a potable water health hazard. Forms are provided for you to prepare a format, that when completed, will contain the specific procedural requirements that best suit your community. The manual is an excellent working illustration for Elected Officials, Legal & Health Officials/Agencies, Purveyors of Public Water Systems, Building Officials, Contractors and the Public.

  • Why is this manual unique? There are no manuals like SPB's in format or content available in the water industry. It is not an instructional guide telling you what is required; this has been said many times and varies from state to state. The manual is based on our own experience and is presented in a chronological, workable format. It is an aid to the water purveyor, cross-connection program administrator or trained survey specialist to develop customized procedures that best serve their community without the time and rigors of extensive research. The most important aspect of the manual is that through the "Customer Information Packet" the applicant for water service, a building permit, new occupancy or ownership must provide information relevant to health hazard determination and record of compliance to backflow testing requirements to the water purveyor for review and approval. The clarity of this program provides a uniquely high degree of cooperative effort involving all civic agencies and the public to promote protection of the public and private water systems from health hazard conditions.
  • Who can/should use this manual? Elected officials who must understand and approve the manual for adoption will find it an excellent working example of Program Administration for BFP/CCC. Legal Advisors may refer to the manual to draft meaningful ordinances. Health officials/agencies, purveyors of public water systems, building officials and plumbing contractors can readily see the inner relationship and responsibilities of each agency relevant to their particular departments/responsibilities.
  • Content of the manual: The manual addresses five phases of cross-connection control and backflow prevention plus the Block Flow Chart illustrates the water and building inter-departmental relationships with each other, local health authority and the public.
    • Phase I is implementing the ordinance.
    • Phase II addresses the administration aspects of a Cross-Connection Control and Backflow Prevention Program.
    • Phase III addresses the administrative requirements/procedures to conducting a "Health-Hazard Determination Survey".
    • Phase IV is Water Purveyor responsibilities and administrative procedures, plus a Block Flow Chart showing water and building department involvement with application for building permit or water service.
    • Phase V is "Post Survey Requirements" i.e., BFP Assembly Test, Annual BFP Testing, Test Submittal & Record Retention, Non-compliance Notification and Water Service Termination Procedures.

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