SPB Utility Services is a small but aggressively managed, technical and administrative service company specializing in water and wastewater systems for almost 20 years. SPB recognized an opportunity to participate in a state mandated program entitled "Cross Connection and Backflow". This program required all purveyors of a public water system to submit a schedule for implementation - "a plan inspecting the properties served by the public water system to determine the risk of cross-connection and backflow" and "a plan for testing, annual testing and tracking of primary systems (backflow prevention assemblies) intended to protect the public water system upstream from a service connection". Having researched, educated, trained and certified our staff to conduct cross connection surveys and test backflow prevention assemblies, we discovered a flaw in the system. Training and certification focuses on Isolation Surveys vs. Containment Surveys. The Five Phases of Cross Connection and Backflow Prevention are:

  1. Implementing the Ordinance
  2. Developing the CCC & BFP Administration Program
  3. Survey of the Public Water System
  4. Enforcement Responsibilities of Public Water Utilities
  5. Administration of the CCC & BFP Program
Implementing the Ordinance addresses such protocols as a thorough review of State Revised Statutes and adopted codes and/or regulations, Drafting an Ordinance and minimum requirements and Submittal to proper authorities in accordance with the Public Hearing Laws.

Developing the CCC & BFP Administration Program includes Preparation (review and approval), Implementation (cost, administration, capability, feasibility, record control and public education) and Training (computer data entry of surveys and testing schedules).

Survey of the Public Water System outlines Preparation, Survey Priority, Scheduling, Results, Review and Notification.

Enforcement Responsibilities of Public Water Utilities are defined with sample notices informing customers of survey results and/or non-compliances that require corrective action. Included in this phase are procedures for the termination of water services.

Administration of the CCC & BFP Program is an explanation of the administration activities that the water purveyor must undertake and document to maintain an effective CCC/BFP Program. These duties include data entry of test and annual test of backflow prevention assemblies; survey scheduling, results, notification and compliance and customer education/awareness.

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