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SPB Utility Services, Inc. has been serving Nevada since 1983. George Shaw and Kirk Peterson are owners and active managers of the company. Each has 30 years of engineering and operating experience in water and wastewater treatment plant operation and administration. The Company operates under Nevada State Contractor's License Class 22 (Water/Wastewater Plants) No. 0036216.

» SPB Utility Services is a technical support company specializing in water & wastewater plant consultation, management and operation.
» SPB is licensed by the State of Nevada in water & wastewater plant management and operations, with an endorsement to install and repair backflow prevention assemblies.
» SPB owns and operates a state certified laboratory authorized to collect, test and analyze sample of wastewater to requirements of NAC445A.
» Our Professional Technical Staff includes:

  • A registered Civil Engineer who is an appointed-voting member of the Washoe Co. Regional Water Planning Commission.
  • A registered Civil Engineer, specializing in Operations and Maintenance Manuals and Emergency Response Plans
  • Seven State Certified Water and Wastewater Treatment Plant Operators
  • One AWWA Cross Connection Control Specialist & Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester
  • A Cross Connection Control & Backflow Prevention Program Analyst
  • Two AWWA Certified Testers
  • One AWWA Certified Survey Specialist
» Our Administration Staff Includes:
  • An Office Manager
  • A Training Coordinator
  • A Technical Data/Report & Test Sampling Coordinator
  • A Data Entry Computer Operator
» The company is actively engaged in:
  • A government grant program for training rural wastewater district administrators and operators.
  • Process design support, maintenance & operation of twelve agency wastewater treatment plants, pump & lift stations and several small water treatment plants in northern Nevada rural communities.
  • Process Testing & Evaluation
  • Operation & Maintenance Manuals
  • Emergency Response Plans
  • Cross Connection Control and Backflow Prevention Plans
  • Developing CCC/BFP Policies & Procedures for Water Purveyors
  • Developing CCC/BFP Ordinances for Municipalities.
  • Providing CCC/BFP Program Administration.
  • Conducting Cross-Connection Control and Backflow Prevention Survey/Inspection of Water Systems to NAC445A requirements.

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